Indian House SouthWest Arts

    is a small and new online personal sale;

    handles Hopi and Navajo arts and crafts:

                         pottery  carvings  weavings  graphic arts  baskets  jewelry;

    has only authentic, one-of-a-kind items made by members of the Hopi and the

           Navajo Nations  (Navajos made all Navajo items, Hopis made all Hopi items--

                                          no fakes, imports, knock-off's).


I've been buying, selling, and trading Navajo and Hopi crafts for over 30 years, just because they are so beautiful and interesting. These arts and crafts represent Native American cultures that had sudden encounters with Western Civilization, but still keep cultural identities and meanings and languages alive, despite conflicts and differences in values.


Recently moved to North Carolina from Arizona, I lived on Central Navajo Nation, have friends there and at Hopi Reservation that I stay in touch with and go back to visit. I attended ceremonies, had long talks, collected what friends and friends of theirs sold, and now I want to pass along many of these things to you for your appreciation, too.


I'll tell you about the items you buy, what they represent or how they work in cultural context, who made them (I usually have specific info to share), or just interesting background.


You can trust in the authenticity of any item from Indian House SouthWest Arts, and can return for refund any item that doesn't satisfy you.