1103 Throw

$ 85.00

This little guy and the one after the next one are what are called “Throws.” As in “Throw it over there,” or “throw pillows.” They were popular in the heady tourist days from the 30's through the 60's and 70's, and even today. They are small and were quickly produced and sold for not more than a tourist budget would allow. Hence, they don't usually have finished ends at the (loom) top—the warps are just tied together, as you can see on the right edge in this photo—faster that way. They can be pretty unsymmetrical, usually were vegetal/herbal dyes or cheaper commercial dyes (see the faded gold and the “bleeding” red?) But they are part of the history of Navajo weaving, and you oughta have one or two. I sure do. Typically found in piles to the side of the rug room in the big trading posts (“Oh, those...”). Weavers often/usually are “Unknown,” as with these two.  18½ x 10½ to 9¾

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