4788 Two Gray Hills

$ 600.00

I found this one on the Navajo side of a regional fair. The family went to Grandma to translate every question and answer. She would not budge on the price, even when it hadn't sold by end of day.

The black outline tends to make this one a Two Gray Hills.  It is hand-spun yarn (has that “knobby” look), all natural wool and colors. There are some verrry slight color variations where Shimá Elsie Begay switched yarns. It has a “spirit line” which most people wouldn't see unless they knew to look for one. There's a twill edge of white on the sides (as it hung in the loom). Consistently tight and even weaving. Too nice to use as a horse blanket. Hang this one on the wall. 26” x 28”  $600 or you can't have it.


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