4793 "Sash Belts"

$ 325.00

This one is interesting. One of two by the same weaver, who dropped her cane as I stood next to her at one of my favorite trading posts—an old style place, still serving a mostly Navajo clientele, with saddles, Pendleton shawls & blankets (of course), lots of pawn jewelry and baskets, fire wood, iron stoves, all kinds of stuff for ranchers and farmers on the reservation, and iced cream in the back.

I helped her with her cane, and she was waiting on the bench when I came out. She didn't speak English, but had a rug to sell, and of course I wanted to see it. It's a unique one: acrylic-blend yarns, bright colors woven in patterns of different clans' sash belts, side by side. Not your usual piece, by any means. Her son said she has to weave in bright sunlight, due to failing eyesight; but she bargained like a pro, which I suppose she is after all the years. Again, be warned: it looks all acrylic. Take a look at the other one of two of hers, too.  28” x 33 or 34”


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