4795 Storm

$ 550.00

You guess by the colors--Two Gray Hills? No.

By the outline--Teec Nos Pos? Nope.

The design is a very stylized, abstracted Storm pattern.

And there's one little defect in it. It isn't staining...that yellow look in the photo is just a fluke of my photo lighting.

But the weaver, an aunt of a friend, tried something new: she wanted the two ends to be perfect, and wanted to match the center perfectly; so she tried something new and non-traditional. And found out why going against tradition is (can be) a bad thing for a Navajo traditional person. The two halves of the pattern came out different—by one warp. See the difference, right there in the middle? Otherwise, this weaving is very, very good. It might actually make this a collectible weaving, just due to its unusual-ness. I liked it and bought it, in spite of, maybe because of.... And no, she did not mention it, or try to deny when I spotted the difference. But I've often heard that Navajo tradition sometimes says Diné should not pursue perfection. It doesn't exist in this Fourth World, and we can disrupt natural harmony if we try to create perfection. All that said, this is a pretty rug, very nicely woven, soft and consistent tightness, commercial natural yarns, with likely commercial enhancement in the black and in the red home fires.  44” x 31”

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