4797 Eye-Dazzler

$ 400.00

Here is a little story of three rugs: It's graduation time. A student is graduating and her mom is a weaver who needs money because it's graduation time for one of her daughters. And I am one of one of her daughters' teachers. One day, one rug. Another day, another rug. For three days. This single-star Eye-Dazzler (due to the complex design, it seems to pulse) is hard to weave because the weaver has to change yarns so many times--while balancing the design symmetrically, start to finish. I have no idea how they manage it. I want to mention that some edge-wefts are looser—not spun as tightly—on one side, in a small area near the center (See detail. And notice how symmetrical the design is!). Also, the corner warps are nicely braided and knotted on the ends. Soft enough for a baby chief's blanket.  39” x 30½


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