4798 Eye-Dazzler

$ 350.00

Here's another from the graduation assault. I bought this one second. It was a little better and a little worse than the first, and cost accordingly. It's an Eye-Dazzler, as you will know if you stare at it for a few, and is totally different from #4797. It is fairly a-symmetrical, with—bet you wouldn't have noticed—extra design at the left (loom top) because she had room left on the loom, had finished the design, and had to fill in that leftover space. Imagine that you've done something all right, and then realize that it has a lit-tle mistake. And it's your daughter's graduation time. What to do? Well, add some more stripes at the top (the left).

This rug has a nice tightness, tapers in at both ends (26½” at the loom bottom/start of weaving) and 25½” on the other. Still, a nice weaving.  49½” x 28” at the middle!


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